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  • 10 Incredible Etsy Shops With Fewer Than 100 Sales

    I really don’t get it sometimes. Artists with incredible products not killing it on Etsy. These shops below represent what I’m talking about. Interesting niche items in all price ranges in shops with fewer than 100 sales. And only a few of them opened this year. Some of them have been saved in my favorites for a long time, others

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  • How to Redesign a Mudroom for Fun, Function, and Lightness

    Moving into this house was 10% more exciting because of the presence of a mudroom. I don’t where you live, but here in Colorado having a mudroom can mean the difference between life and death. Of those not responsible for cleaning the house. Of course in this house, due to the NNI Phenomenon, there’s always the risk of me snapping and losing

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  • Replacing A Fireplace and A Wall: A DIY Project

    This house came with turn of the century cubbyholes.  Holes that said, “Hey, you wanna put that giant television somewhere?  We’ve got your spot right here is this enormous finished cutout.  And tell you what.  If you’ve got some crap ‘art’ you want to put here, we made a space for that, too.”  The cubbyhole decision was a popular one

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  • Mad Quest: Quirky Modern Coffee Mugs

    It started innocently enough.  A cup of coffee in Florence, Italy.  A sip. Delicious.  But no addiction.  No quaking at the prospect, the very notion, of not having coffee every day.  Enter Paris.  A trip last fall that wasn’t accompanied with my usual tea travel mug. Coffee, truly remarkable unamerican coffee every day.  Rich and full of life.  Then a

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  • Creative Way To Hang A Marionette / Puppet Display

    Last fall, J and I took a trip to Paris and Prague.  A kind of whirlwind week of exploration.  In our holiday letter, I wrote: We explored Paris on foot for 15 miles before Jen’s unsensible shoes ruined her feet.  After finding an athletic shoe store on the Champs Elysses, she traded style for comfort and spent the rest of

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  • 5 Simple Steps to Stylish Dinner Party Decor – Every Time

    Loving to entertain and being cheap, minimalist, and style obsessed at the same time can be a little tricky.  I want a pretty table setting, but I don’t want to store a bunch of crap to achieve it. I also don’t want to piss money away just to prevent myself from puking at the ugliness of the table. And while

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  • Mackage: A Bag For Stylish, Unconventional Women

    First, Coach was all the rage.  In high school and college, that was the bag to have among my friends and me.  And Coach did the trick for decades, until they started slathering their bloody logo all over everything like Louis Vuitton does.  So, not wanting to pay more to advertise their product, I tired of Coach and discovered Kate

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  • Guide to Better Gifting: Less Stuff, More Self

    Sometime in my early 20s, holidays and gift giving started to shift for me.  Mom, an historically generous gifter, would always ask for wish lists and I’d struggle to come up with things that felt neither too greedy (get that “plane ticket to anywhere off of there”) nor so small I could just get it for myself (no underwear or

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  • Letting “Feeling” Before Function Guide a Room’s Design

    Picture a bedroom with baby-diarrhea-brown walls accented with metallic gold stripes paired with a brass ceiling.  This was the state of the master bedroom in the house we bought.  Frantic to destroy the offensive paint job, we covered it with the first color that popped into our minds.  Blue.  J’s favorite color.  A peaceful color for a bedroom. Because I

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  • Most Excellent New Year’s Cards – 2016

    Every once in a while, friends send out Happy New Year cards instead of holiday cards. They arrive after all the food has been eaten, drink has been drunken, and trees have turned sad.  When you’re finally ready to tell the holidays to shove it, here comes another holiday card.  This seems like it is a situation primed for Flytrap

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  • Mad Quest: Whimsical, Fun Appetizer / Dessert Plates

    In our house, all the dinnerware is white or black.  White plates, white serving dishes, simple silverware.  It seems pretty boring when you look at those families who have Christmas plates and Easter plates and Thanksgiving serving ware and special stuff for smaller parties and. While I love being invited to those homes, the thought of possessing so much stuff

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  • 2015 Icicle Photo Shoot

    A little icicle photo tour around my house.  They are plentiful this year and turn out some interesting abstract photos.  Which is about the only positive outcome from snow.  Except green springs.  Oh, and water. The cold hand of death.   Do you see the witch?   Reminds me of molten metal.  

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