• How Even An Idiot Can Make 2-Ingredient Paleo Banana Egg Pancakes

    Part of me wants to punch the people who post this recipe on their perfect food perfect person blogs. Though I’m not Paleo, I do try to eat real food 90% of the time. And I remembered reading about these Paleo egg and banana pancakes and seeing all the pretty pictures and thinking how easy it would be to make them. Bullshit. It’s

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  • Yummy & Easy Low Carb Zucchini Lasagna Boats

    Sometime in the last few years, J and I became slobs. Truly proper slobs, really. Sweatpants or leggings. T-shirts. Uggs. Scary food like Taco Bell. Fifteen years ago I hardly ever ate processed food, sugar or any manner of other bodily poisons. After coming off a huge weight gain in my 20s, I became a kind of health nazi that left me aggressively avoiding red

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  • A Black Bean Brownies Experiment via Dr. Fuhrman

    When J said, “That sounds absolutely disgusting.”  I knew I had to make these black bean brownies.  I remember hearing about black bean brownies over a decade ago and being curious.  Then some company or other I follow on Facebook posted about them a few weeks back.  They made it to the “to try” list since I already had all the

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  • Spinach Pasta Recipe from Unused, Leftover Spinach Dip

    Periodically, J and I host an open house on New Year’s Day.  You know, a daytime party with food and drink and chatter with people you may not have seen in a while.  Few of our friends do the hard partying New Year’s Eve anymore. Even J and I are usually in bed by ten until the peckerheads in our

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  • Chicken Cordon Bleu Balls: A Delightful, Easy Appetizer

    We were in line to host game night, a quarterly get together with some old friends who are rude, crude, and socially unacceptable enough to regularly play “Cards Against Humanity“. If you don’t know this game and you fancy yourself wonderfully snarktastic, you’re probably not living up to your full potential.  In fact, we’ve found that the seemingly most innocent

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  • Pinterest Vs. Reality: Zucchini Sandwich From Honestly Yum

    When you manage to grow zucchini the size of a small man’s arm, it helps to find a few recipes that use a lot of squash, are tasty, easy, and interesting.  When I saw this one with “spicy sun dried tomato and herbed ricotta” on Pinterest, I thought, “Sandwich? Good. Cheese? Good. Sun dried tomatoes? Good.” I put it on the menu.

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  • Fast, Easy, Healthy Chicken Mole Recipe

    Have you ever tried the gloriousness that is mole?  No, you freak. I don’t mean the rodent.  I mean pork or chicken mole, a Mexican dish.  Peppers, cocoa powder and spices merge into a gloriously unexpected wonderfuless you can put over shredded chicken, pork, or beef for the perfect, healthy Mexican feast. Now the uninitiated may be thinking, “Chocolate with

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  • Easy, Healthy Lunch Idea: Avocado Feta Lettuce Wraps

    As someone who works from home running my own tiny little business, I have the luxury of making lunches just as complicated as I dare.  I’ve been known to make quesadillas with sauteed vegetables, roast chicken, and other concoctions those working in typical office environments just can’t do.  And while I enjoy that indulgence during slow periods, lethargic periods, and

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  • Healthy, Easy, Fast Dinner – Sausage with Cabbage “Pasta”

    I don’t know about you, but I really hate throwing out food.  When fruit starts to look scary, I put it in a smoothie.  When there’s leftover meat, I throw it in an omelette.  If eggs are getting on toward, I make a quiche and freeze it. So when I had some cabbage lying around that was getting a little

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  • Light & Healthy Lobster Rolls With Greek Yogurt

    Who doesn’t love a good lobster roll?  But it’s the kind of thing you may want, without all the fatty McFatterson mayonnaise but still want to serve something yummy.  Enter the cure all Greek yogurt. The thing about Greek yogurt is that it’s a substitute for so many things.  Sour cream. Mayonnaise. Heavy Cream.  It’s versatile and as long as

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  • A French Dinner Party for Two London Friends

    A few years ago, I discovered rabbit in one of my favorite Denver grocer’s, Tony’s Market.  The first (and only) time I ‘d had rabbit was in this great old French restaurant in my hometown.  The restaurant gone, but with the help of the internets, I knew I could find a proper French recipe. I bought the bunny and later

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  • Food Finds: Unusual Chocolate Experimentation

    There are three places I go that I’m always finding interesting chocolates.  Whole Foods, World Market and Tony’s, a local market/butchery.  And my philosophy is this: If I haven’t seen it before and it’s strange, I put it in my mouth.  So here’s the latest roundup of unusual chocolate. Exhibit A | Moonstruck Beer Berries Tumbled in Dark Chocolate I’m

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