10 Incredible Etsy Shops With Fewer Than 100 Sales

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I really don’t get it sometimes. Artists with incredible products not killing it on Etsy. These shops below represent what I’m talking about. Interesting niche items in all price ranges in shops with fewer than 100 sales. And only a few of them opened this year. Some of them have been saved in my favorites for a long time, others I just found. All of them have incredible potential and I expect they’re selling gangbusters in other venues like craft fairs, galleries, and boutiques. Have a browse below and, if you’re up for it, help these people out with a few purchases.

You’ll find shops from all over the world in all kinds of mediums with maximum, astonishing talent. Enjoy!


Location Angola, Indiana, USA 
Number of Sales 96
Etsy Member Since 2013
Price Range $18-76

Why I Love This Artist
GravesCo makes some original pottery with a dark edge.  I found the shop when searching Etsy for sgraffito style pottery and was really intrigued by the juxtaposition of almost goth humor with this style of pottery. Plus, the owner’s from Indiana, where much of my family hails from.

“Rebecca Graves background in graphic design, printmaking and textiles is apparent in the carved surfaces of her ceramics. Her desire to create truly useful pottery is the result of years working in environmental and interior design. The studio is in the Lakes Region of NE Indiana where she lives with her husband, Christopher Prowse, and their studio kitties Elliott Bean and Willa Booker.”


Jolly Tails

Location Riga, Latvia
Number of Sales 33
Etsy Member Since 2016
Price Range $11-24

Why I Love This Artist
Cute but not cutesie dog collars are hard to find. Because we have herding dogs, I can’t really get away with frilly little bows and flowers. But these collars with their over the top bows are too cute not to mention for people with less destructive dogs. Plus, the mustache one is perfect for the border collie. The designs are fresh, the photography excellent, and the price just right.  I hope this seller keeps adding new designs and eventually comes up with an embellishment like the flower but more masculine.

My dog Rufus gave me not only much joy and love but also idea about shop of dog accessories. And I started new way in my life with my furry friend and I hope together we will have wonderful life and much new ideas we can offer for you and your best friends.


Moroshka By Vingil

Location Moscow, Russia 
Number of Sales 92
Etsy Member Since 2013
Price Range $50-500

Why I Love This Artist
Okay, first of all, this isn’t for everyone  The chunky luxurious knits, the high prices ($50-500), and the bold designs aren’t for women who have tea parties or go to church every Sunday and Wednesday. But that’s exactly why I love them. Gorgeous knits, outrageous designs. Next winter, I may be itching for one.

We craft our garments for more than 6 years being among the World`s pioneers of wearable huge and chunky knitted clothes. Since Moroshka came into life we have inspired many to pieses of bulky yarn creation.



Location Queens, New York, USA 
Number of Sales 9
Etsy Member Since 2015
Price Range $40-110

Why I Love This Artist
I was shopping for kitchen pendant lighting and came upon this shop.  I love the modern designs and affordable prices from $40 (for a planter) to $110.  Though I haven’t committed, this geometric lighting collection is worth a browse.

Lumagon began as a furniture company. After having created a few pieces, Aviv felt limited by the materials he was using, like steel and wood, and wanted to transition to a more limitless medium, that would not require such constraints as with wooden furniture.


Maor Zabar Hats

Location Tel Aviv, Israel
Number of Sales 79
Etsy Member Since 2013
Price Range $85-900

Why I Love This Artist
I first discovered the Flytrap hat while looking for flytraps on Etsy.  But this shop is worth every moment you spend in it.  The work is that of a true artist. As a hat person, I want every single one. From fascinators to art hats, the work ranges from $85 for a hair comb to $900 for a magnificent butterfly-on-flytrap hat.

I always had a soft spot for millinery and hat making, but Israel is not a country where people wear many hats, let alone a place to be able to study professional hat making. It wasn’t until I crossed paths with a hat maker for theatre and took a private course with her that I had the knowledge I needed to make the creations of my dreams.


Michael Vermeij

Location Preignan, France 
Number of Sales 16
Etsy Member Since 2015
Price Range $60-140

Why I Love This Artist
Was this guy in the forums? Did I stumble while browsing for something else? I have no idea. All I know is I love these cutting boards. Beautiful craftsmanship, stunning photography, and from a frenchman. Does it get any better than that? I have trouble buying art cutting boards for fear they’ll just get destroyed since I’m so rough on everything. What’s your experience with designer cutting boards?

Creating eco-friendly home design products, mindfully crafted with only locally obtained sources. It’s a great pleasure, doing exactly that what you love to do most.


Live Sculpture

Location Kiev, Ukraine
Number of Sales 30
Etsy Member Since 2012
Price Range $20-550

Why I Love This Artist
I never knew I was into creepy until a few years ago. A family friend has an enormous home (mansion?) we call the Taj MaTheirName and it’s loaded with art. The wife is an artist herself and some of her work is in my home. Their collection includes a few creepy items that grabbed my attention immediately. When I learned other family members hated those, I liked them all the more. Live Sculpture captures that same creepiness in this line of sculpture and jewelry. And, it’s almost impossible to believe, it’s made with polymer clay! For reals! J hates this kind of art, but one day it’s coming into this house.

There’s no About section for the shop, but I do know she’s based in Kiev, Ukraine.



Location Melbourne, Australia
Number of Sales 58
Etsy Member Since 2016
Price Range $200-3,000

Why I Love This Artist
I really can’t get enough of the simple jewelry movement.  Even my engagement ring is not a big ass stick up get in your face and get caught on everything diamond. I’m not even into diamonds. Just not my thing. Anyhow, this jeweler has a nice story (her granddad was a jeweler in China) and her work is embellished simple. Some rose gold, some fine gems. The prices are between $200 and $3,000 so there should be something for everyone, depending on your budget.

My name is Zhang Dingcai, I was born in a small town in the south of China. My grandfather was an excellent jeweler in town. Since  childhood I dreamt that one day I could also become a respected jewelry artist. A few years ago, I came to Australia with my parents.  I met my best friend Amelia in the design institute… and later opened a jewelry design studio with Amelia. We hope that our work could bring customers more surprises.


Style Mati

Location Mumbai, India
Number of Sales 11
Etsy Member Since 2017
Price Range $50-145

Why I Love This Artist
With 11 sales already, I’ve no doubt this seller is going to conquer the world.  Just look at those designs! Beautiful, comfortable, cotton.  And the way the fabric flows is completely intoxicating. Add in that rich photography and many streamlined, modern designs and you have the makings of an empire. I can’t wait to see where Style Mati goes next.

‘Mati’ is Soil in Hindi. Soil can be moulded into various shapes. Capturing this very essence various shapes of Mati is moulded Artistically.


Ink Paper Pickle

Location Kirby, United Kingdom
Number of Sales 84
Etsy Member Since 2016
Price Range $20-200

Why I Love This Artist
The Possibilitree has me looking for creative ornaments all the time.  I love the idea of decorating the tree entirely with origami one year and last year I considered it – and found this shop. Because she’s in the UK, I didn’t order (timing was an issue), but this year I have a crazy idea for the tree I hope to implement (coming soon, I hope). And these little guys will be part of it. She folds from any kind of paper – including books and comic books. It’s a clever shop and I hope she adds more products soon.

It’s always frustrating when the About section isn’t complete. Maybe the designer will find this post from analytics and wonder a) who the hell I am and b) tell me about herself.


What are your favorite shops with fewer than 100 sales? Comment below with their links. Just don’t be spammy or I’ll delete it.

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    Great list. I talked to Aviv about six months ago through the forums. Cool guy and great products.

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