I’m Jen


I’m Jen Osmon. Writer, designer, solopreneur, explorer, and ideator who helps people turn “I don’t think so” into “I just did that.”


If you’re not living your best life, you might get the kick in the ass you need right here. It’s zen without the om, a bitchslap without the ow.


Helping business owners, Etsy shops, bully victims, and home makers discover their hidden genius to achieve a life of yay.



Twenty some years ago, a BBA in Marketing fell through the sunroof of my car and landed on a bottle of tequila.

Since then, I honed research, marketing, branding, and communication skills. I traveled a little, read a lot, and explored ideas with moxie. I held several corporate and small business marketing and communications jobs before saying “to hell with this” and starting my own brand consultancy in 2006.

This foundation informs my successful Etsy shop, FlytrapOnE, and helps me coach fellow solopreneurs and everyday people trying to live more satisfying lives.

I live in Denver, Colorweedo with my husband, two dogs, and a very bitchy cat. For fun, I enjoy travel, hiking, reading, cooking, and art.


Trust me I know what I’m doing

20-Year Brand & Business Strategist

Brand isn’t a logo and some business cards. Ooze your best self in every decision and customer interaction.

Empowerment Advocate

Because all things are possible with perspective, I encourage self discovery and a can-do attitude.

Top 1% of Etsy Sellers

Get tailored ideas in product, presentation, and EtSEO from a 9-year veteran with over 25,000 sales.

Awesomeness Unleasher

Uniquely skilled at quickly unlocking core strengths to help people discover genius they never knew they had.

BBA, Top 50 Business School

A business foundation in a creative pro delivers strategies built on profitability and the big picture.

Relentless Explorer

My maniacal quest for knowledge and experience means alternative ideas to asskick you into action.

Life was meant to be lived, and curiosity must be kept alive. One must never, for whatever reason, turn his back on life.

Eleanor Roosevelt

A few things I think are terribly important



Take responsibility for feelings, thoughts and actions regardless of outside influences.



Celebrate freedom of expression without yielding to false wisdom or cultural norms.



Explore all things with an open mind, seeking conflicting viewpoints with moxie.



Always seek to be generous in spirit, humble in discourse, and graceful in adversity.



Face even the most unsavory truths about yourself and others with fortitude and confidence.



Spread joy and frivolity wherever you go, even in the most serious environments.